[FallingIllini-Announce] Congratulations New Jumpers

Aaron VanDevender vandvndr at uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 26 01:38:55 CDT 2006

The weather was very uncooperative this weekend, but the Falling Illini made jumps on Sunday anyway. Making tandem skydives were T.J. Mikulencak, Vivian Canchola, Stephanie Bonk, Steve Berry, Michael Kunevich, Brett Zitny, Tracy Green, Stephen Schmitt, Rob Kuang, Andrew Erikson, Brad Topol, Numan Velioglu, Sameer Kalwani, Brandon Oi, Anil D'Souza, Keshava Shobhit, and Vinayak Sathyamoorthy. In our static-line first jump class we had Rachel Hillmer, Andrew Khalifa, Stefano Truschke, and Carlos Bohorquez. I'd especially like to give it up for the American Society of Civil Engineers tandem crew who woke up at 4:00am so that they could make the sunrise load. That's some serious dedication to skydiving. You guys rock!

ASCE tandem crew Stephen Schmitt, Numan Velioglu, Rob Kuang, Andrew Erikson and Tracy Green

ASCE tandem crew Brett Zitny and Brad Topol

Brett Zitny tandem skydive

Anil D’Souza, Keshava Shobhit, Brandon Oi, Vinayak Sathyamoorthy, and Sameer Kalwani

Carlos Borhorquez and Rachel Hillmer

Stefano Truschke

Andrew Khalifa


vandvndr at uiuc.edu
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