[FallingIllini-Announce] Congratulations New Jumpers

Aaron VanDevender vandvndr at uiuc.edu
Tue Sep 19 00:44:20 CDT 2006

We had 18 Falling Illini make skydives on Saturday, including 11 first timers. I'd like to congratulate Shuting Ong, Jinyuan Yeong, Tony Ordonez, Laura Genis, Rachel Hillmer, Tim Kennedy and Amanda Goddard for making tandem skydives. Also congratulations to Perry Chodash, Hana Kwon-Engles, Tiffany Wong, Caitlin Fischer and Sigi Schobesberger for completeing the static-line first jump class. Finally to Elliot Tagtmeier, who did 5 jumps on Saturday, for completing his static-line jumps and making his first solo freefall jump.

Skydivers head to the plane

Caitlin Fischer and Tiffany Wong

Rachel Hillmer and Tandem Instructor Jason Papke

Laura Genis

Static line student comes in for a landing



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