End of the Year Celebration

Posted Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 at 12:15 pm by Falling Illini

Hey everyone. The end if the year is almost upon us. I hope everyone’s finals are going well. If you all need a break, and want to come celebrate we’ll be going to Papa Del’s on Thursday at 9:30pm for pizza. It should be a good time. Please email me if you plan to come so I can get a general idea of the table we’ll need. Thanks.

¬†As always we’ll be jumping this weekend. However this weekend is a little different because Archway will have a CASA. The CASA is a huge plane with a rear ramp door. It’s gonna be really sweet! So if you want to jump send me your name, number, what day you want to go, what jump you’ll be doing, and if you can drive. It will be a great weekend to get out and enjoy the weather and the end of the semester!

A quick reminder that this will be the last weekend for the April Showers competition.

Blue skies!

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